1. Frohe Ostern - Happy Easter - Kali Anesti - Buona Pasqua - Vrolijke Pasen - Feliz Páscoa! - Glad Påsk - Joyeuses Pâques - Feliz Pascua

    Amicis et qvieti / Den Freunden und der Ruhe (To the friends and the quietness)

    The photo shows a small wooden hut. Due to the oval formed windows, the hut was named as the “Egg Hut”.

    Place: Jenisch Park in Hamburg. 

    Happy Easter!

    (Quelle: stefanhaase.wordpress.com)


  2. Out of the blue

    On the way impression: an office building, a cloud reflection on the facade, blue as dominating color and bright light. Modern Architecture, taken in Hamburg, at the harbor area. 


  3. Sunny

    Soft shimmering colors at sunset. 


  4. A cloudy sky, a fresh and strong breeze blows and a nice reflection on the facade. 

    Taken on the Dockland Business Buildung, Harbor Area. 


  5. House Number “18”

    A new “unusual” and remarkable house number, I have found on the way.

    The house numbers I am sharing here are real and belong to permanent inhabited homes and houses. More interesting house numbers will follow, from time to time. 


  6. Today´s view at the river elbe. Stormy winds and sunny weather. 


  7. Glorious Magnolia 


  8. Puddle Photography and Art

    On rainy and grey days, a puddle can be a magic motive, with an interesting effect. 


  9. Patterns

    The beauty of hornbeam trees. 


  10. Water reflection 

    Sometimes you have to look at things around you differently.


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